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delcastleDelcastle Technical High School

Diagnose and service consumer and industrial electronic equipment through the use of sophisticated measuring and diagnostic devices.

Program Description

Electronic technicians help engineers design and build experimental models, set up and repair equipment, and do complex assembly and inspection work. They work on equipment that ranges from radio, radar, sonar, telemeters, and television to industrial and medical measuring and control devices, navigational equipment, and computers. Because the field is broad, technicians often specialize in one area. When working in design, production, or customer service, electronic technicians use sophisticated measuring and diagnostic devices to test, adjust, and repair equipment. They must understand the field in which the electronic device is used. Increasing industrial automation and use of computers and electronic equipment to automate paperwork and production processes contribute to the continued demand for skilled electronic workers. This course provides a firm foundation in theoretical and practical electronics leading to entry-level employment and/or further training. Second and third year students are encouraged to specialize in one or more areas of interest including radio and television repair, communications systems, digital computers, circuit design and analysis, industrial systems, robotics, audiovisual and home security wiring. Electronics students are able to earn college credit through Tech Prep Agreements with area colleges.

Certification may be obtained through ISCET.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

  • Electronics Technician
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Instrumentation Technician

Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

  • Electronics Instructor
  • Computer Repair
  • Advanced Instrumentation