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Chromebook Update & To Do List

Chromebook Update & To Do List

Chromebook Deployment Preparation

The following provides information about the upcoming Chromebook deployment process. There are many links throughout the article. All links appear in orange for easier identification. Please call the school at 302-995-8100 with any additional questions.


Chromebooks will be ready for distribution beginning in August. Please continue to visit the website for updates regarding distribution dates, times, and procedures. It is important to note that both the student and the legal parent/guardian MUST be present for the summer Chromebook deployment dates. Detailed information about the Chromebook initiative and links to the documents you need to review can be found on the Chromebook Page for your review. Please visit the page and review and complete all information.

Completing your forms before the deployment process begins will help the process move as efficiently as possible. In an effort to consolidate the number of times and places you receive sign-off forms this school year, we have made most of the forms accessible electronically. They are listed and linked below.


Below are the FIVE forms that need to be completed before the school will deploy a Chromebook to a student. Some of these forms are found on the Chromebook page of the website as well. Parents will need a valid email address to complete their forms. Student medical information forms will not be electronic this school year and will need to be completed during the deployment process.

AUP and Chromebook Agreements (Forms 1 and 2)

Once you have read the Acceptable Use Policy and the Chromebook User Agreement located on the Chromebook page of this website linked above, both parents and students must complete the following:

Parent User Agreement or Parent User Agreement(Spanish)

Student User Agreement or Student User Agreement (Spanish)


Student Handbook Agreement (Forms 3 and 4)

The 2018-2019 NCCVT Student/Parent Handbook is currently available online. Students will also receive individual copies of the handbook. Please review the Student/Parent Handbook on the linked page. The page contains both English and Spanish versions of the handbook. Once parents and students have both reviewed the handbook, they both must complete the following:

Parent Handbook Agreement or Parent Handbook Agreement (Spanish)

Student Handbook Agreement or Student Handbook Agreement (Spanish)


2018 – 2019 MILITARY-CONNECTED YOUTH STUDENT INFORMATION UPDATE FORM (Form 5 – ALL families complete this form, even if no one in the family is in the military. There is a “Non-Applicable” option that you can choose on the form.

Every year the state asks parents to complete a Military-Connected information form. Parents must complete one of the below forms

Military-Connected Form or Military-Connected Form (Spanish)


The $25.00 annual insurance fee can be paid via PayPams which is the same system the district uses for our school lunch accounts. In PayPams, please find the link for your student’s grade and make your payment in that link. Parents with students in multiple grades will need to go to the appropriate account for each student. For families who do not wish to pay electronically, they can make their payment in cash at Delcastle. The school is open Monday – Wednesday from 7:00 – 5:00 and Thursdays from 7:00 – 4:30 during the summer. Credit cards and checks are not accepted at the school.



Both the Dell 3190 (senior computers) and the Dell 5150 (freshmen, sophomore, and junior computers) are drop rated. However, we encourage families to invest in covers for their devices for two reasons.

  • Primarily, covers will help protect the computer from cosmetic damages such as scratches that occur as the computer is used throughout the day.
  • Secondly, students are able to customize and personalize a cover with their name, graphics, stickers and other identifiers making their laptop easily identifiable as well as unique.  Please remember that student may not put anything (sticker, writing, label, etc.) directly on their Chromebook.

Having reviewed and tried a variety of cases for both devices, we have located a snap-on case that fits both models. We have verified the fit for both the Dell 3190 as well as the Dell 5150. We will order these and carry them in the school store.  They can also be ordered directly via the following link: