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Delcastle Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Delcastle Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

On October 19th in theAspira auditorium, ASPIRA and the Spanish department held a presentation celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The presentation was open to any teachers and their students to see the presentation. In addition, some of the parents of the students presenting joined the audience to support and watch their kids.

The Aspirantes each individually impersonated a famous influential Hispanic or tradition of cultural significance like the quinceañera. Each student had a power point slide they made to give a visual to the audience about the person they chose.  Feedback was given from the audience, that our fellow member of ASPIRA, Alondra Avila (2017) brought Selena back from the dead. Aneliz Ordorica (2018) spoke about La Quinceañera and the significance it has the Hispanic culture. We also had a cultural presentation that was made by two different community dance groups: Comparsa de Temimilcingo Morelos and Ballet Folklórico Xochiquetzal. Some of the members of these dance groups are Delcastle students themselves. Did you hear about how at the end of the Chinelos performance students from the audience joined them up on stage and danced along with them? It was like a party on stage! It was a very fun and enjoyable experience not only for
ASPIRA but for the audience as well.People

We would like to thank the teachers who brought their students down, and also the parents and grandparents who came out to support and watch their children perform.

By Jacqueline Gutierrez, Class of 2018