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Delcastle’s Good Deed Makes Impression with Saint Anthony’s of Padua Grade School

Delcastle’s Good Deed Makes Impression with Saint Anthony’s of Padua Grade School


Last spring, Saint Anthony of Padua Grade School contacted Mr. Kevin Thomas, Co-op Coordinator at Delcastle, with a request for Delcastle to possibly assist them with some projects at the school. Mr. Thomas went to Saint Anthony’s and saw that they needed a railing in the gym, basketball storage racks, and installation of a concession stand door that was broken. He could see safety was a top concern and how important these repairs would be in helping to keep Saint Anthony of Padua safe for its students.

In view of this, Kevin assigned the construction and painting of the railing to Mr. Dan Edelen (Welding) and Mr. Tony Tiberi (Auto Body). Mr. Edelen had his sophomore students draw the design and the juniors and seniors constructed and installed the railing.

“We knew how important fixing the railing was,” said Mr. Dan Edelen. “Kids coming out of the gym could jump or fall off of the ledge, which is approximately four feet down. We are trying to address and help aid in the area of safety to all who use this area. We want to get rid the risk of a fall hazard.” Bradley Abrams, Jarrett Cole and Jorge Tinoco all chipped in to help. “It was a great learning experience,” said Mr. Dan Edelen. “The work that the students did was very beneficial. It was a nice change from the daily welding that they do. They were able to use their minds and use that in the fabrication on building. We hope that there are more opportunities for the future to help out and give back to the community in any way possible. It truly was an honor.”

While this was done, Scott Bosold’s (Plumbing) students repaired the basketball holder. The welds in the basketball holder were cracked, so the students helped to cut the pipe off, regrind it smooth, and use their “Mig Machine” to re-weld it. Next, the students needed to cut the bagpipe off, grind that down, and clear coat the welds. If this wasn’t completed, the basketball holder would rust. After this, the students painted the basketball rack back to its original color, flat black. Finally, the students had to do a field test to make sure that the welds would hold and so that there were no leaks. The field test consisted of putting 120 basketballs on the rack to make sure that the rack would hold up. Sure enough, the basketball rack held up. With the basketball rack new again, the students loaded up the rack and got it back to Saint Anthony’s.

Many sophomores and juniors worked on this project. John Gebhart, Nick Sensabaugh, Joe Grendzinski, Jared Young, Kelvin Amaya and Aaron Gaines all assisted in this process.

“We were all glad to help out with something that needed fixing up. The students were passionate about giving their all and we are happy that we all pitched in to do some good,” said Mr. Scott Bosold.

“It was an awesome experience helping out another school,” said Nick Sensabaugh. “Seeing what the rack looked like when it came in comparison to when we finished was pretty exciting. It looked 100 times better. It was nice to know that I had a part in fixing that rack.”

“It was so nice to help out in any way that I could during the duration of this project,” said Kelvin Amaya said. “It allowed me to help out the school and that’s what matters the most.”

In addition, Kelvin Amaya and Jorge Tinoco installed the door.

After completion of the projects, Saint Anthony’s sent a letter of gratitude and appreciation to the Delcastle teachers and students. The collective efforts of everyone involved made these projects a success. The career areas of Welding, Auto Body, and Plumbing all hope to do more projects like these and help to spread more of the “Cougar Volunteer Spirit”! As of right now, the Welding career area intends on fabricating an additional railing to secure another location at Saint Anthony’s this spring. Great job Cougars!

Tyler Ross, Class of 2018