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Drama Club’s Almost, Maine, Entertained the Cougar Family

Drama Club’s Almost, Maine, Entertained the Cougar Family

The Delcastle Drama Club provided its Cougars with yet another year of entertainment. Many have heard about Dr. Hockersmith’s recent retirement. This is true but surely did not hinder the group’s ability to ensure a performance of entertainment and quality. Luckily Mrs. Brenner, the Director, with the help of Mr. Tiberi and Mr. Ayala, was able to hold the fort down and began preparing for yet another show.

This year’s fall play Almost, Maine, was about relationships between various individuals with many awkward and comical twists and turns along the way. It took place around modern day in the unusual town of Almost, Maine. The people of this small town had quite the story to tell.

In the past, Delcastle Drama Club used to participate in the “Delaware Drama Competition” until it came to an end when the event was no longer being hosted. This was an event that helped to recognize groups of great talent. Delcastle was very successful in taking home the majority of the winnings each time. A dry spell crept upon the club for a few years until their performance in March 2016 of William Fishers Here Come the Brides. This performance was a huge success that pushed the club back on its feet.

There are many young actors and actresses who have shared Delcastle’s stage for years. For much passion and effort in what they do, one actor and one actress from the cast has been chosen for special recognition. Actress Alyssa White is a senior at Delcastle High who has been able to overcome many obstacles and still come to show much devotion and intensity toward her roles. Alyssa has found motivation and inspiration from her grandmother. After graduation, she plans to attend Del-Tech for two years for Human Services on a SEED scholarship. Actor Ryan Nagowski, also a senior at Delcastle, has shown much potential and even helps to keep the group somewhat sane. He has been in Drama Club for three years and takes pride in making people smile and putting on a good show. The show that inspires him the most is Shrek because he was able to bond very well with the cast.

In conclusion, the performances in December were very successful. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators enjoyed the evening performances as well as the school performance. Stay tuned for the spring musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown scheduled for the first weekend in May.

Cast Leads: Cast Understudies:

Alexa Archer

D’ante Green

Piper Edge

Dannia Pommer

Kaitlyn Negron

Ashlie Cabalza

Kimberly Jeffery

Serena Levy

Ritzy Curry

Kalli Morris

Brielle Stephens

Ryan Nagowski

Christina Colatriano

Kenneth Oliver

Bruce Rodriguez

Ziayre Ruff

Alyssa White

Rob Wiliams

Tech & Crew:

Anthony Tiberi, Jr.

Nelson Ayala

Kayla Wiley

Samantha Collins

Christian Cortez-Ward

George Grimes

Najaquan Hopkins

Kimberly Jeffrey

Samantha Miller

Athaninia Moore

Aicha Pierce

Andrew Stofa

Devin Saienni

Amanda Santiago

Zamyra Sibbley

Joe Stansell

Sam Uzele

Christina Marie Colatriano , Class of 2019