Important Announcement!

Please see our Chromebook information page for instructions on how to receive your Chromebook for the 2019-2020 school year.

¡Anuncio importante!

Consulte la página de información de Chromebook para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo recibir su Chromebook para el año escolar 2019-2020.

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Deployment Dates

  • Deployments will begin during business hours on August 1st for families who have completed all of the required forms and payments.
  • This announcement will be updated with additional signup links regularly, so please check back regularly.
  • All appointment must be made via the linked SignUp Genius. Please do not call the school to make an appointment.

Before You Sign Up

  • Complete all forms listed in the “Chromebook Updates & To Do List” Announcement. There are FIVE forms and one payment that must be made before your appointment.
    • Parent Chromebook Form
    • Student Chromebook Form
    • Parent Handbook Form
    • Student Handbook Form
    • Military Form (everyone completed this form even if no one in your family is in the military).
    • Insurance Payment
  • Make sure that both the student and a parent/guardian of record are available for the appointment. Bring photo ID with you.

When You Arrive at School

  • Arrive five minutes before your appointment.
  • Have photo ID ready.
  • Be prepared to complete your 2018-2019 medical form.

SignUp Genius Links – Please do NOT Sign up for an appointment until you have completed ALL 5 Online Forms

Upcoming Deployments:

Wednesday, August 29th (3:00 – 7:00) – ALL GRADES WELCOME

Sign up Here for An Appointment

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Chromebook Deployment Preparation

The following provides information about the upcoming Chromebook deployment process. There are many links throughout the article. All links appear in orange for easier identification. Please call the school at 302-995-8100 with any additional questions.


Chromebooks will be ready for distribution beginning in August. Please continue to visit the website for updates regarding distribution dates, times, and procedures. It is important to note that both the student and the legal parent/guardian MUST be present for the summer Chromebook deployment dates. Detailed information about the Chromebook initiative and links to the documents you need to review can be found on the Chromebook Page for your review. Please visit the page and review and complete all information.

Completing your forms before the deployment process begins will help the process move as efficiently as possible. In an effort to consolidate the number of times and places you receive sign-off forms this school year, we have made most of the forms accessible electronically. They are listed and linked below.


Below are the FIVE forms that need to be completed before the school will deploy a Chromebook to a student. Some of these forms are found on the Chromebook page of the website as well. Parents will need a valid email address to complete their forms. Student medical information forms will not be electronic this school year and will need to be completed during the deployment process.

AUP and Chromebook Agreements (Forms 1 and 2)

Once you have read the Acceptable Use Policy and the Chromebook User Agreement located on the Chromebook page of this website linked above, both parents and students must complete the following:

Parent User Agreement or Parent User Agreement(Spanish)

Student User Agreement or Student User Agreement (Spanish)


Student Handbook Agreement (Forms 3 and 4)

The 2018-2019 NCCVT Student/Parent Handbook is currently available online. Students will also receive individual copies of the handbook. Please review the Student/Parent Handbook on the linked page. The page contains both English and Spanish versions of the handbook. Once parents and students have both reviewed the handbook, they both must complete the following:

Parent Handbook Agreement or Parent Handbook Agreement (Spanish)

Student Handbook Agreement or Student Handbook Agreement (Spanish)


2018 – 2019 MILITARY-CONNECTED YOUTH STUDENT INFORMATION UPDATE FORM (Form 5 – ALL families complete this form, even if no one in the family is in the military. There is a “Non-Applicable” option that you can choose on the form.

Every year the state asks parents to complete a Military-Connected information form. Parents must complete one of the below forms

Military-Connected Form or Military-Connected Form (Spanish)


The $25.00 annual insurance fee can be paid via PayPams which is the same system the district uses for our school lunch accounts. In PayPams, please find the link for your student’s grade and make your payment in that link. Parents with students in multiple grades will need to go to the appropriate account for each student. For families who do not wish to pay electronically, they can make their payment in cash at Delcastle. The school is open Monday – Wednesday from 7:00 – 5:00 and Thursdays from 7:00 – 4:30 during the summer. Credit cards and checks are not accepted at the school.



Both the Dell 3190 (senior computers) and the Dell 5150 (freshmen, sophomore, and junior computers) are drop rated. However, we encourage families to invest in covers for their devices for two reasons.

  • Primarily, covers will help protect the computer from cosmetic damages such as scratches that occur as the computer is used throughout the day.
  • Secondly, students are able to customize and personalize a cover with their name, graphics, stickers and other identifiers making their laptop easily identifiable as well as unique.  Please remember that student may not put anything (sticker, writing, label, etc.) directly on their Chromebook.

Having reviewed and tried a variety of cases for both devices, we have located a snap-on case that fits both models. We have verified the fit for both the Dell 3190 as well as the Dell 5150. We will order these and carry them in the school store.  They can also be ordered directly via the following link:

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All rising 9th and 10th-grade students have summer assignments that must be completed before the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Specifics about the assignments for each grade are detailed below.

Grade 9

All rising 9th-grade students have two summer assignments they must complete before the start of the school year in August:

  • Students must log onto Schoology, access the math course we have set up for students, and complete all work in the course. Follow the below link to “A Beginners Guide to Using Schoology 2018” for step-by-step instructions on how to access your Delcastle Schoology accounts. Please note that if you had access to Schoology in middle school, the login process for Delcastle will be different as the access website and the login credentials (username and password) will be new for your high school account.
    • If you follow the linked directions are are not able to successfully log into Schoology, please contact Delcastle and ask to speak to Dr. Olsavsky.
    • There will be two math instructors monitoring the course who will be available to answer any questions. Directions on how to message those teachers from within Schoology are provided in the handout linked below.
  • Students must read the memoir Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. The book will be used throughout the ELA 1 course.
    • If you have questions about the summer reading, you may message Dr. Olsavsky via Schoology and she will answer any of your questions.

A Beginners Guide To Using Schoology 2018

Grade 10

All rising 10th-grade students have one summer assignment:

  • Students must read the memoir Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. The book will be used throughout the ELA 2 course.
    • If you have questions about the summer reading, you may message Dr. Olsavsky via Schoology and she will answer any of your questions.
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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is with sadness that I share this information – we received word that Makayla Johnson, a 10th-grade Technical Drafting student, died unexpectedly on Friday night. Our prayers, thoughts, and sympathies are with her family and friends.

Her passing will be announced at school in the morning. School counselors and psychologists will be available to meet with students for the next two days. Tuesday is the end of the school year for Delcastle students and staff. If you think that your child needs additional help, please contact a mental health professional or contact the Delaware Child Priority Response Crisis Service, at 1-800-969-HELP (4357).

Linked please find information which can help answer questions you may have about how to address the issues of an unexpected death with your son or daughter.

Critical Incident Brochure

These are the actions that Delcastle Technical High School is taking:

  • Counseling services for students
  • Parent contact for any student who requests counseling
  • Updates to school website with Crisis Service Information

I have expressed the Delcastle community’s heartfelt sympathy to the Johnson family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Thank you,

Clifton Hayes, Ed.D.


Delcastle Technical High School

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Dear NCC Vo-Tech Parents/Guardians,

During the past few weeks, we have heard with horror about the deadly assault on students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. We mourn those who died and have such compassion for their families, classmates, teachers, and the greater community. Current national debates questioning policies on the purchase of automatic weapons, access to mental health services, and the effectiveness of school security plans should prompt all school leaders to once again reevaluate their safety procedures, methods of communication, and community expectations for response. I want you to know we have taken time to do just that in all NCC Vo-Tech high schools in recent days.

We continue to ask our students and their families to be vigilant and to report any situations that cause them concern. We ask students to please first tell an adult if they hear or read something – swift reporting to those in authority is exactly the right thing to do so that we can respond quickly and appropriately to protect their safety and minimize any potential risk. Though we are in a new era where cell phones and social media apps provide instant communication, sometimes in the rush to communicate, unsubstantiated information is forwarded, posted, and commented upon that can contribute to spreading false rumors. Doing so is often disruptive to the very school community we are trying to protect.

Our schools work closely with local law enforcement. Whenever a threat is made and we become aware of it, police immediately begin to investigate. If the threat is not considered credible, they advise schools to proceed as normal. If additional measures are called for, we implement those recommendations and communicate that information to you as soon as we can.

Thankfully, most threats are not credible; nevertheless, we take each one seriously and follow a clear process with our law enforcement agencies that always places student safety as the first priority.

Lastly, I ask that you continue conversations with your child about his or her online social activity – ask questions, set expectations, and stay informed.

On behalf of our students, our employees, and our board of education members, I want to thank you for being an important partner with us in nurturing your child’s educational success.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your school’s safety plans, please do not hesitate to contact me or your school’s principal.

Thank you.

Victoria C. Gehrt


New Castle County Vocational Technical School District

1417 Newport Road

Wilmington, DE 19804


Si desea su correspondencia en espanol, por favor llame al 995-8036.

(If you desire this correspondence in Spanish, please call 995-8036.)

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We received information this morning from local law enforcement that a threat was made on social media against New Castle County Vo-Tech schools. Law enforcement is investigating and they have determined that our buildings are safe to continue normal operations today. As always, we remain vigilant in our security efforts and in our commitment to communicate important information to you.

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Nominate A Delcastle Teacher Today!

Delcastle Teacher of the Year –2019


Do you know a classroom teacher professional who is dedicated, inspiring, and making a difference? If so, please take the time to recommend this person by completing this nomination form and returning it to the building principal by the specified deadline. Administrators, staff members, parents and community members are encouraged to participate!

Please complete the linked Nomination Form:

Each candidate will be scored based on the criteria below:

  • Have a superior ability to inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
  • Be an exceptionally skilled and dedicated educator in a public or charter school;
  • Have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues; and
  • Demonstrate a strong ability to foster excellence in education as evidenced by ongoing contributions to the improvement of student learning and the learning environment.

Delaware Department of Education

Mission Statement: The Delaware State Teacher-of-the-Year program is a vocal community of award-winning educators who represent exemplary teaching and serve as spokespersons and ambassadors for the profession. The State program recognizes excellence in education and expresses appreciation for the many outstanding teachers in Delaware who serve as an inspiration to teachers, students, and community members while providing a representative to serve as the profession’s advocate throughout the year.

Title 14, Chapter 89, establishes a series of Teacher-of-the-Year awards in order to reward outstanding teachers throughout the state. All school districts shall follow these rules and 14 Del. C. 89 which in combination constitute the basis for the award grants. Current guidelines have been developed by the State Board of Education that includes input from teachers, administrators, and department staff.

New Castle County Vocational Technical School District

While the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District believes that the teachers working in the District provide an outstanding educational experience for their students, it also realizes that one outstanding teacher will be selected annually as the District’s Teacher-of-the-Year. The purpose of the District’s Teacher-of-the-Year Program and its selection process is to determine the teacher who will best represent the outstanding teachers in the District and the education profession. The New Castle County Vocational Technical School District-Teacher-of-the-Year represents the best traits of all Delaware teachers and inspires students with the love of learning.

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3rd Annual Cancer Awareness Basketball Game

Delcastle Basketball, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, have partnered together for the 3rd Annual Cancer Awareness Game. As a way of supporting LLS in their endeavor to raise awareness, as well as supporting cancer patients and their families within our community, we are offering the opportunity to honor someone within your life that has been affected by cancer, by purchasing a commemorative jersey. With your sponsorship, a Delcastle or Appoquinimink Basketball player will wear your jersey with your loved one’s name on the back for the game. Prior to the game, the Delcastle or Appoquinimink Basketball player wearing your jersey will escort you and/ or your family on the court. After the game, the player will present the jersey to you for your keepsake. If you are interested, please contact Ashley Dills at

Event Information

The basketball game will be held at Delcastle Technical High School in the gymnasium on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Event presentation will begin promptly at 5:30. The game will immediately follow. The cost of a jersey is $50.00 which can be made payable by cash, money order, or bank check. Personal checks are not accepted. You may request a specific Delcastle or Appoquinimink player to wear your jersey; however these requests are accepted on a first come, first served basis. If no request is made, a selected player will wear your jersey. Completed forms and payment should be returned to:

Delcastle Technical High School

Attn: Ashley Dills

1417 Newport Road

Wilmington, DE 19804

Thank you for supporting Delcastle and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in our efforts to honor our families and raise awareness. We look forward to seeing you at the game!

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