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On October 19th in theAspira auditorium, ASPIRA and the Spanish department held a presentation celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The presentation was open to any teachers and their students to see the presentation. In addition, some of the parents of the students presenting joined the audience to support and watch their kids.

The Aspirantes each individually impersonated a famous influential Hispanic or tradition of cultural significance like the quinceañera. Each student had a power point slide they made to give a visual to the audience about the person they chose.  Feedback was given from the audience, that our fellow member of ASPIRA, Alondra Avila (2017) brought Selena back from the dead. Aneliz Ordorica (2018) spoke about La Quinceañera and the significance it has the Hispanic culture. We also had a cultural presentation that was made by two different community dance groups: Comparsa de Temimilcingo Morelos and Ballet Folklórico Xochiquetzal. Some of the members of these dance groups are Delcastle students themselves. Did you hear about how at the end of the Chinelos performance students from the audience joined them up on stage and danced along with them? It was like a party on stage! It was a very fun and enjoyable experience not only for
ASPIRA but for the audience as well.People

We would like to thank the teachers who brought their students down, and also the parents and grandparents who came out to support and watch their children perform.

By Jacqueline Gutierrez, Class of 2018

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       Six Delcastle students competed at the HOSA’s first International Leadership Conference. The event was held in Nashville, Tennessee, between June 22-25, 2016. Many speakers and exhibitors were present including the following: U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Vivek H, Murthy, M.D., M.B.A., and Brad Montague creator of “Kid President.” Various other interactive exhibitors from the armed forces, colleges, universities, as well as biomedical companies like Pfizer, and IBM were present. HOSA, in celebrating 40 years of Future Health Professionals, inaugurated its first year with an international inclusion. Delcastle had 5 members from the class of 2016, and one member from the class of 2017. This was the largest number of students that qualified for the National competition in Delaware HOSA in Delcastle history. Besides the persistence of the students, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Conley, and Mrs. Spencer helped prepare the students for the competitions. The Delcastle students and the competitions they competed in are as follows:

  • Jasmine Littlejohn (BMS class of 2016) and Kiara Morris (BMS class of 2017) both competed in “Community Awareness”
  • Joselis Gonzalez (MA class of 2016) competed in “Healthy Lifestyles” and advanced to the second round of competition
  • Inayzha Wallace (MA class of 2016) who was also a state officer competed in “Job Seeking Skills”
  • Elena Valente (MA class of 2016) competed in “Medical Photography” and advanced to the second round of competition
  • Renek McDonald (BMS class of 2016) competed in “Pathophysiology
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Once again, it’s that time of the school year at Delcastle where every student is going out to shop for semi-formal attire for Homecoming. However, this is not the only reason why they all get excited, but also for the events before the Homecoming Dance begins. Spirit Week and Pep Rally are always when students and teachers get excited. This year’s themes for Spirit Week are the following:


October 10th, 2016

Character Day


October 11th, 2016

Nerd Day


October 12th, 2016

Twin Day


October 13th, 2016

Throwback Thursday


October 14th, 2016

Pep Rally!

Class Color Day

Freshman: Navy Blue

Sophomores: Gray

Juniors: White

Seniors: Black

This year, both the Pep Rally and the football game will take place on October 14th . When Pep Rally is over, students will be allowed to walk all the way to the football field and cheer on our football team for their game against Mount Pleasant. There are some exciting changes planned for the football game; during halftime, there will be 1 float that will be passing through the track field. After the float, convertibles carrying the senior Homecoming Court will drive onto the field and the court will be announced.

Don’t forgot to get a Homecoming Dance Ticket for Caribbean Carnaval before October 15th; tickets will not be sold at the door. The winners of the Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at the dance.

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself this entire week since it’s all about having fun.

Katie Hernandez, Class of 2018

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       Apples! Apples! Apples! Everyone likes apples and now even more thanks to the Green Apple Project. Dedicated to putting all children in schools where they have clean and healthy air to breathe and where energy and resources are conserved, the Green Apple Project is on a mission to where students can be inspired to dream of a brighter future. As of the summer of 2016, the program has inspired the students of Technical Drafting with a better and brighter classroom that is sure to result in creative outcomes.

       On the 27th of September, a dedication party was held to celebrate all the hard work that has been put into the room. In addition, the party was held to thank the program for the fact that almost 35,000 dollars has been put into the renovation of the new room and all the furniture that has been given to Technical Drafting for free. With the promise of a local radio station and 6 ABC News attending, the party had a great turn out, and those who attended paid close attention to the amount of detail that was put into the room.

       For those of you who have not seen the old Technical Drafting room, many of the students had come forward to let Mr. Baeriswyl, the Technical Drafting teacher, know that the old room was sort of…boring. Some students had even said that the old room was cramped and dreary. However, ever since the room has been renovated, reviews of the new room have greatly improved and apparently it “smells like a million bucks!” This is also thanks to Mr. Baeriswyl and all the work he has contributed to the room. Up until the day of the party, Mr. Baeriswly had been tearing up the carpet by hand and placing cove base on all the walls singlehandedly. One of the interior designers on the team, Shakira Hunt, a former graduate from Delcastle’s Technical Drafting program in 2008, had a huge role in the designing and planning of the room.

          Now most students cannot even believe their eyes when they walk into the room and compare it to how it looked before; they are immediately impressed by the changes made. Thanks to the Green Apple Project, the Delcastle Technical Drafting room has been completely turned upside down.

Ajah Quawiy, Class of 2019

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       Every summer, high school juniors are selected to represent their schools at Boys and Girls State. Each school can send up to three representatives to stay at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware, and learn about Delaware politics and law. The students are selected based on grades, behavior, and recommendations from their Civics teacher from tenth grade. Mr. Allen Sylvester and Mrs. Tina Horgan sponsor Boys and Girls State at Delcastle and choose the best candidates to represent our school each summer.

       Delaware Boys State ran from June 12th to June 16th this past summer. Daniel Nepomuceno, Kelvin Maldonado, and Syheed Booker represented Delcastle. The boys learned about bills that could be passed, and they worked on a bill that would raise taxes to help schools with low resources give their students a better education. The Cougar boys were part of the House where they voted on bills and then sent the bills over to the Senate. The highlights of the week were meeting the Governor Jack Markell, a Secret Service bodyguard, and Bryan Townsend, Delaware State Senator.

       Similarly, Girls State ran from June 19th to June 24th. Denae Mendez and Danaya Dews represented Delcastle. On the first day, the girls were divided into two political parties—Nationalists and Federalists. Then, elections occurred and assignments were given for the House and the Senate. Like the boys, the girls had the opportunity to write bills and vote on them. In addition, they met Governor Markell, a female FBI agent, and other interesting guest speakers. Many friendships were formed during this fun-filled week and all of the girls enjoyed the Talent Show.

       Overall, Boys and Girls State was an amazing opportunity for our Cougars’ leadership skills to shine. The application process for current Delcastle juniors will occur in January of 2017 for the upcoming summer. Please contact Mr. Sylvester in Room C225 and Mrs. Horgan in C107 for more information.

Daniel Nepomuceno and Denae Mendez, Class of 2017

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       Spring is another busy sports season at Delcastle. Coaches and players enjoyed the sunshine at the beginning of the season, but then had to struggle through a very wet and cold May. Every varsity team had successes and obstacles, but in the end, sportsmanship and teamwork prevailed.


First on the list is Varsity Baseball. Coaches David Battafarano and Aaron Yammamoto helped guide the Cougars on the winning path. Seniors Francis Forbes, Diangelo Wooding, Roberto Ramos, JaWan Ward, Austin Albright, Bailey Mathews, Wilson Gomez, and Corey Mitchell led the team. Their overall record was 8 wins and 9 losses. Big wins against Concord High School Raiders (11-4) and district-rival St. George’s Technical High School Hawks (5-4) helped end the season on a positive note. Several players were recognized for their strong performances this season. Seniors Wilson Gomez (Honorable Mention, Second Base) and Robbie Ramos (Second Team, Outfield) were both recognized for Blue Hen Flight A All Conference. Sophomore Nick Sensabaugh was recognized for his outstanding performance as a Designated Hitter. He earned First Team All Conference Honors and Second Team All State. Nick is the first Delcastle player since 1998 to be recognized by the All State Selection Committee. Congratulations Cougars for a successful season!


Next up is the Golf Team. The Cougars were coached by Marty Baeriswyl and led by senior Adolphus Fletcher. Even though the team was young, they earned big wins over Glasgow, McKean, and Brandywine, and ended up with a 3-11 record. Great job Cougars and good luck next year!


The Cougars Varsity Lacrosse team keeps improving. Coaches Corey Shepherd and Ryan Scott are proud of their team’s season; they finished with 5 wins and 10 losses, which is a 1 win improvement from last year. Seniors William McCloskey, Heddel Cabrera, Chris Newcomer, Bradley Adams, John Foote, Ryan Shaver, and Jerome Henry-Cobb led the team. Some highlights from the season include an 8-5 win over the Green Knights of Mount Pleasant, and a 5-4 loss to the Hodgson Eagles. The Cougars came back in the Hodgson game after being down 4 goals in the 4th quarter. Several players received special honors. Both Heddel Cabrera (Second Team, Midfield) and Ryan Shaver (Honorable Mention, Defense) earned All Conference recognition. In addition, Ryan Shaver will represent Delcastle in this year’s Blue/Gold game. Congrats Cougars for all of your hard work!


Next, we have the Delcastle Varsity Girls Soccer Team who had the school’s first winning season in 20 years! Coach Todd Lehman is proud of his team. Seniors Alondra Lara-Zavala, Nancy Santillan, Jocelin Montes-Bernal, Hilary Gonzales-Acosta, Yashira Ortiz, Danielle Harris, and Rosaura Bernal-Vasquez led the team.
Overall, their record was 8 wins, 5 losses, and 2 ties. Unfortunately, the team missed the state playoffs by .04 points. Two players earned All Conference recognition: Danielle Harris and Melissa Garcia. Great job Lady Cougars and keep up the good work next year!


Furthermore, the Cougar Softball Team clawed their way to a successful season. Coaches Anthony Webb and Margaret Battafarano provided motivation to keep the team strong. Seniors Michelle Minutola, Alexis Graham, Tara Anthony, Cassidy Hanifee, and Marissa Truman provided key leadership for the team. The Cougars finished the season with 5 wins and 13 losses. Several players earned All Conference Recognition: Tara Anthony (Honorable Mention, Center Field), Alexis Graham (Second Team, First Base), Danni Adams (First Team, Catcher). Congratulations Lady Cougars on a successful season!


Last but not least is Boys and Girls Track. Coaches Carmella Anderson, Jonathan Dickey, and Samantha Kelly are proud of the team’s accomplishments. The Boys’ Team was led seniors Nicholas Cole, Damon Collins, Chukwunonso Ewunonu, Jonathan Henderson, Daekwon Sequira, Brandon Smith, Justin Walls, and Luis Zamora. Zekiah Fountain, Brianna Greenlea, Nia Johnson-Cox, Sherita Lowman, Ahjinae Mitchell, Karen Sackey-Solomon, Siani Sellers, Taylor Truitt, and Tyisha Zeigler, led the Girls’ Team. Both athletes and coaches earned special recognition this year. Sherita Lowman earned All-State for the 100 meter hurdles, and Justin Walls earned All-State for the 55 meter hurdles. Coach Jonathan Dickey was recognized as Delaware’s Assistant Coach of the Year. Great job athletes and coaches!

Overall, the Delcastle Varsity Sports teams learned lessons in perseverance and sportsmanship. The teachers, administrators, and students are proud of your accomplishments this season.

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       Starting in January, students from Delcastle worked hard to get ready for their competitions in Science Olympiad on March 5th at Delaware State University; there were at least 60 teams from all over the state of Delaware with groups up to 3 students from 9th grade to 12th. What every team was rooting for was to bring one of those colorful medals; 1-10th place could earn medals. Delcastle was pleased that we won more than 10 medals at the 2016 Science Olympiad. Getting “placed” is harder than it seems. Here are a few of the winners:





12th Graders

· Victoria Williams

· Elys Diaz

· Forensics

· Electric Vehicle

· Write it Do it

· Forensics; 1st place

· Electric Vehicle; 9th place

12th Grader

Almarith Arevalo

· Protein Modeling

· Forensics

· Protein Modeling; 4th place

· Forensics; 2nd place

11th Grader

Faith Joseph

· Wind Power

· Chem Lab

· Dynamic Planet

· Cell Biology

· Wind Power; 10th place

· Chem Lab; 8th place

10th Graders

· Dakota Wilson

· Modesto Estudillo

· Anatomy & Physiology

· Fossils

· Green Generation

· Forensics; 3rd place

The students who participated in the events said they liked the experience even though it was stressful, but it was worth it in the end.

Congratulations to all medalists and participants!


Katie Hernandez, Class of 2018

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       Delcastle has many interesting career areas; each one is full of its own type of academically advanced students. However, even though each student is extremely hard working, there’s always one student who has improved in skills, personality, and/or maturity, the most. Each career area teacher in the Public Service Cluster was interviewed regarding his or her most improved student. In our Public Service Cluster, we feature many shops such as Business Technology, Digital Media, Graphic Arts, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts and Production & Imaging Technology. After asking each teacher individually, I was able to get insight on why exactly they picked their most improved student.

       Business Technology provides learning experiences in business-related and computer knowledge skills that prepare students for entry into today’s administrative, clerical, and banking fields. When I asked the Business Tech teacher about her most improved student, she took time to think and named her student as James Campbell, a 10th grader. Apparently when he first arrived in our Business Tech program, he was shy and reserved. She recalled him as one of her most quiet students. However, over time he became assertive, a hard worker and confident in the career area. According to her, he even talks more and is more confident during his shop presentations. Congratulations James Campbell for being the most improved student in Business Technology here at Delcastle.

       Next up is our Digital Media program here at Delcastle, which is broken up into two separate classes. Digital Media 1 deals with creating successful websites and evaluating the basic principles of good web page design and management. Mr. Phillips, one of our Digital Media Instructors, finally was able to name Chris Edge, a senior here at Delcastle, as his most improved student. Mr. Phillips says he remembers Chris as the kid who always used to sleep in his class but certainly ended up surprising him later on. He apparently became one of the most passionate, creative, and responsible students in the class. Congrats Chris!

      Now we move on to the second part of the Digital Media program. Digital Media 2 provides training in TV studios and teaches skills and techniques used by professionals in the field. Ms. Abell, the Digital Media 2 teacher, was asked the same question as the other shop teachers and immediately named Nancy Santillan, a 12th grader. When Nancy first arrived in Digital Media 2, she was apparently quiet and shy but was always a hard worker. As she started to mature, she became a leader and good example for younger students within the school and is even the executive producer of the Delcastle news program, Cougarcast. Way to go Nancy!

       After Digital Media comes Graphic Arts that is run by Delcastle’s very own Mr. Rykaczewski. He helps prepares students for careers in the printing industry. After thinking it over, he named senior Dante Perkins as the most improved student in Graphic Arts. Mr. Rykaczewski says that when Dante first got into the shop he wasn’t confident about his career area. Now he can see that Dante is a good student and has been working through the co-op program at screen-printing shops since he was a junior. Mr. Rykaczewski says Dante is always willing to help.

       Next we move on to Cosmetology or what we call “Cosmo” here at Delcastle. The Cosmo program is the art and science of beautifying hair, skin, and nails and is run by Ms. Tiberi. Her most improved student was senior Monet Johnson who Ms. Tiberi says has been through a lot. According to Mrs. Tiberi, Monet really didn’t know how to deal nicely with other students. However, now in her senior year she has matured and ignored immaturity, she is the perfect role model for sophomores coming into Cosmo. You certainly have come a long way Monet!

       Culinary is the second to last career area I interviewed but it certainly comes in first for their food. Dealing with educating kids in the fine art of cooking and baking, our chefs send these students out into the world ready to cook almost anything. It was hard getting one of the head chefs to sit down for an interview since culinary runs a fully functioning café open to the public, but I finally was able to get an answer. They picked junior Janyra Culbreath as their most improved student in culinary and seemed very confident in their decision. According to Chef Mullen, Janyra was very shy and mainly kept to herself; she really wasn’t open to being challenged. Presently, however, she is eager to learn and likes to be challenged. She’s become very open and focused in Culinary Arts; she even has a lot of questions. Keep up the good work, Janyra!

       Last but certainly not least is Production & Imaging, which is taught by Delcastle teacher Ms. Wells. Most of the school depends on it for things like school merchandise, banners and even things as simple as school papers. It is vital in running Delcastle as a whole. Now after hyping that shop up the most improved student must be an outstanding worker to shine above the many people doing all the amazing tasks. Ms. Wells picked a junior named Glenn Clayville and said that he was very quiet when she first met him. Now he’s even more of a hard worker than he was before and shows great potential in the world of Production & Imaging. Good luck Glenn!

       Delcastle is full of many constantly improving students. Congratulations to all of the Public Service Clusters students who were nominated by their career area teachers. Keep up the good work, Cougars!

Author: Ajah Quawiy, Class of 2019

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BPA Picture

As this school year comes to a close, we on the newspaper staff would like to take a moment and review all of the excellent achievements that our Delcastle students have accomplished. One of the most rewarding experiences that the Business Tech students at Delcastle get a chance to be a part of is Business Professionals of America (BPA). Ms. Dobbs, Business Tech Instructor, guided the Cougars to success at both the local and national competitions.

In February, the Delcastle students competed with other students from Delaware. The following students placed in their BPA events and then qualified to go to nationals in Massachusetts during the late spring.

Ahjnae Mitchell: 1st Place: Intermediate Word Processing

O’Nesha Johnson: 1st Place: Fundamental Word Processing

George Grimes: 1st Place: Prepared Speech

Breahna Riess: 2nd Place: Fundamental Word Processing

Then, in May, those students traveled to Massachusetts to compete in the National BPA Competition. Here are the 2016 BPA National Winners:

Breahna Riess (10th grade): 1st place in Fundamental Word Processing
O’Nesha Johnson (11th grade): 2nd place in Fundamental Word Processing
Ahjnae Mitchell (12th grade): Top ten finalist

Congratulations Cougars!

Author: Tyler Ross, Class of 2018

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       “Skills! Skills! Skills!” These are the words you heard in the Delcastle halls starting December. As students prepared, they practiced every day until the month of February. Once February hit, then students would compete in Dover, at Delcastle, or at another vocational school. Students were anxiously waiting to see where they placed and if they won. Then, the Delaware SkillsUSA Banquet was held in Dover on March 22, where the students who placed received their medals. Students competed in different competitions and the results are in. Delcastle had 68 medalists, and 30 were gold. Here are some of the winners who won gold:

Action Skills

Nick Lauber

De’Shawn Coston

Advertising Design

Sasha Reddy

Architectural Drafting

Jalen Bond

Automotive Refinishing Technology

Jairo Magna

Aviation Technology

Anthony Ashcraft

Building Maintenance

Hunter Brown

Collision Repair Technology

Ulises Tovar-Rangel

Commercial Baking

Carmen Rangel-Cisneros

Employment Application Process

Sairiha Shipley


De’Shawn Coston

Graphic Communication

Justin Tucker


Michael Metcalf

Quiz Bowl

Austin Albright

Syheed Booker

Sarah Geho

Noah Hentrick

Ryan Quezon

Screen Printing Technology

Brittany Jennings

Sheet Metal

Kenny Oliver

Technical Drafting

Brian Cannon

TV/Video Production

Angelo Vansant

Ashley Wolski

Welding Fabrication

Franklin Carter

Ismael Valtero

Josiah Hector Ortiz

Welding Sculpture

John Gebhart

The winners will go to Kentucky from June 20 -24 to compete in Nationals. Wish the best of luck to them!


Juan Quiroz-Rodriguez, Class of 2017

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