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The job of the police school resource officer (SRO) can be broken down into three categories: law enforcement officer; law-related counselor; law-related education teacher. each category can be broken down into several individual responsibilities which are listed below. It is imperative to mention that the key relationship with the entire school program.

Duties and responsibilities of the SRO

  1. To prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact and interaction with students and school personnel.
  2. To establish and maintain liaison between school security personnel and other SROs assigned to campuses.
  3. To investigate criminal law violations occurring in the school or on school property.
  4. To participate in campus activities and athletic events when invited and feasible.
  5. To be aware at all times the responsibility to improve the image of the uniformed law enforcement officer in the eyes of the students and the community.
  6. To enforce Federal, State and local criminal laws and ordinances, and to assist school officials with the enforcement of Board of Education Policies and Administrative Regulations regarding student conduct.
  7. To be a resource for students who may have questions concerning criminal or juvenile law.
  8. To assist other law enforcement officers with outside investigations concerning students attending the school(s) to which the SRO is assigned.
  9. Develop expertise in presenting various subjects; provide these presentations at the requests of the school personnel in accordance with the established curriculum.
  10. Refrain completely from functioning as a school disciplinarian. The school Resource Officer is not to be involved in the enforcement of disciplinary infractions that do not constitute violations of the law.


Detective Norman Cochran
School Resource Officer

(302) 995-8049