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delcastleDelcastle Technical High School

Install, operate, maintain, and repair residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.

Program Description

Electrical Trades offers instruction on electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial installations that are assembled, installed, wired, and maintained by electricians. Students also have the opportunity to study photovoltaic systems. Installers must follow blueprints and specifications. They are required to bend, fit, and install conduit, fish cable inside partitions, walls, or other concealed areas, mount outlet boxes that will house electrical devices such as switches, and complete the necessary wiring installation. When the final wiring is finished, they test the circuits for proper connections. Maintenance electricians keep lighting systems, transformers, generators, and other electrical equipment in good working condition. Electricians may work with electrical contractors as installers or with manufacturing plants in maintenance. Public utilities, mines, railroads, and the government employ large numbers of electricians. Job opportunities are expected to grow for residential, commercial, and industrial electricians as the use of electrical and electronic equipment by industry increases. Advanced placement into the second year of the Delaware State Apprenticeship Program is available for qualified graduates through Tech Prep and NCCER Level I.


  • Mr. Bryan Bryant (25 years industry experience)
  • Mr. Robert Murrian

Employment opportunities requiring apprenticeship training after high school:

  • Electrician, Electrician Maintenance, Electrical Drafter, Alarm Installer, Electrical Supply, Tele/Data Wiring, Service Technician, Project Manager, Estimator.

Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

  • Construction Manager.