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delcastleDelcastle Technical High School

Provide a variety of beauty services related to hair, skin, and nail care (preparation for the state licensing examination.

Program Description

Cosmetology is the art and science of beautifying hair, skin, and nails. Cosmetologists perform such tasks as shampoos, facials, manicures, hair coloring, permanent waving, thermal styling, chemical relaxing, and hair cutting. A successful professional cosmetologist is a talented stylist, a personal service expert, and a self-promoter, as well as a poised and confident salesperson. The professional cosmetologist may choose to work in an independent salon, a spa salon, a national franchise, or an independent chair of salons as well as hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. Delcastle, Hodgson, and Howard each operate a salon that is open to the public. The salon setting provides students with the opportunity for hands-on experiences and prepares the student for cooperative education placement and employment. Cosmetology is a profession licensed by the State of Delaware. Students selecting the Cosmetology career program will receive instruction that provides the skills and scientific theory necessary to apply for their cosmetology license. 1500 hours of training are required for licensing, and students completing the program take the Cosmetology State Board Licensing Examination.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Manicurist
  • Nail Technician
  • Platform Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Colorist
  • Salon Owner
  • Industry Consultant
  • Barber

Employment opportunities requiring 2-years of specialized training after high school:

  • Mortuary Beautician
  • Cosmetology Instructor