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Delcastle Parents – All students at Delcastle Technical High School are given a school-managed Chromebook to enhance and expand the learning environment beyond the availability of traditional school resources.

WHY: The Chromebook device provides students with the responsibility and access they need to choose how, when, and where they learn. The Chromebook is easy to use and can improve the progress of learning for everyone, regardless of age or ability, and provides accessibility to the world’s subject matter anywhere wireless connectivity is available. Providing individual Chromebooks to students empowers them to maximize their full potential in preparation for the workplace and post-secondary pursuits.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Prior to receiving the Chromebook, the student and parent must read and sign off on the Chromebook User Agreement, the NCC Vo-Tech Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and pay an annual insurance fee. The insurance fee starts at $25, and increases by $10 every week after September 8th, 2020.

9/9 until 9/13 – $35
9/14 until 9/20 – $45
9/21 until 9/27 – $55

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Find the Chromebook User Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, and instructions on how to pay the annual insurance fee below on this page. Online versions of the Student/Parent Handbook can be found here. We ask that you carefully read the Agreement and the AUP to be aware of all responsibilities and financial obligations. Both you and your child must complete a Chromebook User Agreement form, available here:

  • Student Form and
  • Parent Form.
  • Lastly, the annual insurance fee must be paid before the Chromebook can be distributed. Electronic payments can be made online HERE, or you can pay at the school with cash, money order, or credit card. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Click here for instructions for making the electronic payment.

WHEN: Chromebooks will be distributed to students by appointment over the summer as well as in the fall of 2020. The device is assigned to your child to use for the entire school year and can be taken home. If you have any questions regarding the User agreement, please call the Delcastle main office at 302.995.8100.