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Join the Delcastle PTA

Join the Delcastle PTA

Below please find a message from our PTA


Welcome to the Delcastle PTA.

We are an organization to help communicate with parents and school. Some of the meetings we have had students speak to us about their career path: culinary brought us chocolate chip cookies, Digital media gave a presentation on how to navigate Schoology,

the student union and national honor society spoke about their organization and a team-building trip they went on.

We have had meetings on school safety, DFTA, CO-OPing, and parents have had opportunities to bring concerns to the school administration face to face.

In the past, we have purchased graphing calculators for the math department to use as needed for students. Donated to the giving tree that is hosted by the guidance counselors.

We were in the process of sending a staff member over the edge to raise money for unified sports and Special Olympics. This is an event held in Wilmington where a person repels down 17 stores at 300 Delaware ave Wilmington Delaware.

The membership is $10.00, we would like you to feel welcome to attend any public meeting that you can. Help with anything you would like to help with. We understand time is precious. the current board members all 3 have students who will be graduating this year. if Delcastle is to keep a PTA then we will need new parents to step up and take over.

I personally have gotten a lot of information from the meetings whether it is on a school or personal level. I have met some really great people who have made a positive impression, it was very informative to have different students speak to us about the career path they are on and I hope you can be a part of it.

thank you

Delcastle PTA

Use this link to create an account and join the Delcastle PTA: