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Sports Physicals at the Delcastle Wellness Center

Sports Physicals at the Delcastle Wellness Center

Announcement from the Wellness Center:

The Wellness Center can schedule Fall sports physicals (SPE) any time after April 1st and they will count for all of the 2019-2020 school year!  Any student that receives an SPE by 6/7 , will be put into a drawing to win a $20 Wawa gift card.


To get physicals done here, the student must

  1. be a “member” (one packet for parents to fill out but good for their whole time at Delcastle- so not necessary if student is already a member/has had their physical done here before) – the packet can be downloaded here for any students and parent who would like to join in order to get a physical – Delcastle Registration Packet 3-21-19

  2. Have a sports physical form dated on or after April 1st and completely filled out and signed (there are 7 places for parents to sign – if any one of these is missing the physical will be rescheduled)

  3. When the SPE form is completed, the student needs to bring it into the Wellness Center and schedule an appointment for the physical.

  4. Come to the appointment as scheduled – we send out reminders the morning of the appointment on Schoology and they receive an appointment card when they schedule.

We are closed for 6 weeks this summer and back on July 31st —-but we will have very limited hours until we are full time again on August 19th. We have less time to do the SPE’s this summer with the earlier start date, so students in grades 9-11 should make appointments now.  Students who do not contact us until the summer may not be scheduled until September.

Please contact the Wellness Center if you have any questions.


Julie Chiquoine, APRN CNP

Nurse Practitioner/Center Coordinator

Delcastle School-Based Health Center

Phone 302 892 4460

FAX 302 892 3403