Teacher Academy Students Volunteer at Forest Oak Elementary

Throughout the month of March, the Delcastle Teacher Academy students had the opportunity to volunteer at Forest Oak Elementary, an experience that both benefited the students and helped the Forest Oak community. The instructor, Mrs. Ilene Wilson, described the program, saying that "Every Tuesday and Thursday, Delcastle Teacher Academy students volunteered at Forest Oak in the morning during their periods 1-4. While there, they had the opportunity to work hand in hand with teachers and students."

During their time at Forest Oak, the TA students worked with small groups of students to provide RTI (response to intervention) help with math work, complete small assessments with them one on one, and promote reading fluency and comprehension through small reading groups. The students had the opportunity to work with K-5 grade levels, providing them with a better understanding of the grade level and subject matter they may want to pursue in the future.

The Delcastle Teacher Academy volunteering program at Forest Oak Elementary had a positive impact on both schools and students involved. For the Delcastle students, it was an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a classroom setting, while also helping younger students improve their skills. For the Forest Oak community, it was an opportunity to receive additional help and support from the Delcastle Teacher Academy.

This collaboration between the Delcastle Teacher Academy and Forest Oak community has been a successful one and both schools are looking forward to continuing the partnership in the future. As Mrs. Ilene Wilson said, "It was an amazing experience for both schools and students involved, and we are all looking forward to next year and continuing this wonderful collaboration with the Forest Oak community!" The volunteering program has provided a valuable experience for the Delcastle students, helping to prepare them for their future careers as teachers, while also providing support and assistance to the Forest Oak students and teachers.