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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We set Students Up For Success
Principal: Dr. Clifton Hayes 
Assistant Principal: Dr. Justin Comegys
Coordinator: Mr. Warren Howell
Student Leaders: Makkaia Tatum-Islam and Zaria Calhum
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Priority One:
To ensure students are comfortable bringing issues to adults in the building. This includes ensuring that there is follow-up information given to those who report issues.
Student Voice Image
Priority Two: 
Give a diverse population of students more voice in all aspects of school operations to tailor the school experience more to the students’ needs.

Student Voice Committee Members:

Karla Denison, Tim Dorsey, Carlton Gray, Charles Hackett, Clifton Hayes, Naomi Moore, Anthony Tiberi, and Paula Tiberi. 

Cultural Competency ImagePriority One:
To ensure that the staff at Delcastle are consistent in their culturally responsive approach to maximize the positive effect on the students and community.
Priority Two:
To ensure policies for students in the school are free of inadvertent, inherent bias.
Culturally Competency Committee Members:
Nicole Brooks, Petra Carre, Lisa Henderson, Warren Howell, Nailah Jervey, Kevin Thomas, and Mark Wells.
Tree of hands
To create consistent and pervasive culturally responsive instructional practices throughout Delcastle High School.
Culturally Responsive Instruction Committee Members:
Olga Beaver, Justin Comegys, Amy Dunn, Michelle Gamble, Tina Guerrero, and Clifton Hayes.