Cougars Celebrate Outstanding Spring 2023 Athletes: All-Conference and All-State Recognition

Delcastle Technical High proudly honors the outstanding achievements of our Spring athletes who have earned well-deserved All-Conference and All-State recognition. These remarkable individuals have excelled both on and off the field, showcasing their exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and dedication. Let's celebrate their success and acknowledge their names:

First Team All-Conference:

  • Diana Luna Lopez '24 - Soccer
  • Clinton Bertollo '25 - Baseball
  • Nataly Ruiz '25 - Soccer
  • Nathan Howe '23 - Lacrosse
  • Zackary Tjaden '23 - Volleyball
  • Zackary Ellerbruch '24 - Volleyball
  • Mekenzie Dineen '23 - Softball

Second Team All-Conference:

  • Nicholas Ferrario '23 - Baseball
  • Yahaira Cuadros-Devora '24 - Soccer
  • April Urueta-Flores '24 - Soccer
  • Shane Wright '24 - Lacrosse
  • Arian Santos '24 - Volleyball
  • William Echols '23 - Volleyball

All-Conference Honorable Mention:

  • Ashley Estupinan '25 - Soccer
  • Amaya Regis '25 - Softball
  • William Weldin '26 - Golf State Tournament Appearance
  • Luis Reyes-Diaz '23 - Volleyball
  • Jamal Bailey '23 - Volleyball

Track and Field Recognition:

  • Aiden Laws '23 - 1st Team All-Conference in 400m, 3rd Team All-County in 400m
  • Zakr Roberson '25 - 3rd Team All-County in High Jump
  • Shaheam Porter '23 - 2nd Team All-Conference in 800m
  • 4x400 Boys' Squad - 3rd place at Penn Relays (Aiden Laws, Shaheam Porter, Robert Brooks, Kevin Bayard)
  • 4x200 Relay Girls' Squad - 1st Team All-Conference (Saniyah Anderson, Jayla Mays, Tajshae Allen, Yu'Najah Jackson)
  • 4x400 Relay Girls' Squad - 2nd Team All-Conference (Jayla Mays, Tajshae Allen, Shamalee Chin, Yu'Najah Jackson)

All-State Achievements: We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of two of our athletes who have earned All-State recognition. These individuals have not only excelled in their respective sports at the conference level but have also demonstrated their excellence at the state level, solidifying their status as among the very best.

🌟 Zackary Tjaden (Boys' Volleyball): First Team All-State.

🌟 Diana Luna-Lopez (Soccer): First Team All-State.

🌟Nataly Ruiz (Soccer): Second Team All-State.

🌟Nathan Howe (Lacrosse): Second Team All-State.

🌟Clinton Bertollo (Baseball): All-State Honorable Mention.

State Coach of the Year: We are immensely proud of our Boys' Volleyball Head Coach, Roy Soto, who has been recognized as both the Central Conference and the Delaware State Coach of the Year. Coach Soto's expertise, guidance, and unwavering support have played a pivotal role in the success and growth of our boys' volleyball team.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Coach Soto for this well-deserved honor. His dedication and exceptional coaching abilities have not only shaped individual athletes but have also fostered a culture of excellence within our program.

State Tournament Appearances

🏐 Boys' Volleyball: Historic Playoff Triumph The boys' volleyball squad created history this season by securing their first-ever playoff victory, showcasing their unwavering determination and exceptional skills. Their remarkable performance led them to the quarterfinals, leaving an indelible mark on Delcastle's athletic legacy. We applaud their remarkable journey and celebrate their achievements.

⚽️ Girls' Soccer: Division 1 State Quarterfinalists, Two Years in a Row Our girls' soccer team has continued to make significant strides, advancing to the Division 1 State Quarterfinals for the second consecutive year. Their tenacity, passion, and unwavering dedication have propelled them to compete among the best in the state. We commend their exceptional teamwork and commendable sportsmanship, which have made Delcastle proud.

Join us in Celebrating Success: These exceptional athletes and their teammates and coaches have made us proud and have exemplified the Cougar spirit throughout the Spring season. Their accomplishments reflect the unwavering commitment, teamwork, and determination that are the hallmarks of Delcastle Technical High athletics.

Let's come together as #CougarNation to celebrate their achievements and express our gratitude for their unwavering dedication. Their success serves as an inspiration to our entire school community, motivating us to reach for greatness in all our endeavors. Congratulations once again to our remarkable athletes and Coach Soto!