Cougar Leaders Attend LEAD National Conference in Washington, D.C.

13 November 2023
Photo Credits: Sarah Dunn (@Sarah_Dunn_2 on Twitter)
From November 10-12, 2023, Delcastle Technical High School students immersed themselves in the NASSP LEAD National Student Leadership Conference held in Washington, D.C. The conference became a transformative experience for these burgeoning leaders, offering profound insights that promise to shape their roles within the school community.
Reflecting on their takeaways, William Kisielewski '25 observed, "The experience provided a deep insight into the cultural diversity among different schools and people." Adrian Puller '26 added, "When student leaders unite, we have the power to drive significant changes."
The conference unfurled eye-opening moments for the student leaders. Ameir Rogers '25 found the discussion on the five components of exemplary leadership to be enlightening. William Kisielewski '25 shed light on the often-overlooked issue of mental health, learning that students want a compassionate school environment to help them with their mental health needs.
Miguel Luna-Morales '26 opened up about a personal connection, sharing, "One of the speakers shared a story about their grandmother, evoking emotions similar to my own experiences before my grandmother passed away."
The impact of workshops and sessions was undeniable. Kiara Flowers '26 emphasized, "The importance of student advisory roles became evident — students deserve to have their voices heard, pushing for much-needed changes." Miguel Luna-Morales '26 highlighted a crucial lesson, noting, "The concept of self-leadership, ensuring readiness before guiding others, deeply resonated with me."
Ameir Rogers '25 acknowledged the profound power and influence they hold, stressing, "Understanding how to wield it responsibly is crucial." Miguel Luna-Morales '26 expressed, "Each of us, as part of the group, plays a significant role in making the school a better space. The lessons learned will further enrich our impact on our community."
The advisor insights echoed similar sentiments. Mrs. Lynnette Hollis, Leading Ladies advisor, envisioned "Stronger student leadership, engagement, and enhanced leadership skills." Mr. Anthony Tiberi, Delcastle Student Activities Coordinator, aspired to see "students empowered to take charge of their community, fostering unity and mutual support."
Participants from Delcastle Technical High School included:
Student Leaders:
- Chloe Cresswell '24
- Ameir Rogers '25
- Re'Yonna Stokes '25
- William Kisielewski '25
- Laylah Thiam '25
- Kiara Flowers '26
- Adrian Puller '26
- Miguel Luna-Morales '26
- Melissa Wilson '27
- Mrs. Lisa Bainbridge-Scully, Student Council Advisor
- Mrs. Sarah Dunn, National Honor Society Advisor
- Mrs. Lynnette Hollis, Leading Ladies Advisor
- Mr. Anthony Tiberi, Delcastle Student Activities Coordinator
The experiences gained at the NASSP LEAD National Student Leadership Conference have armed these students with more than skills — a deeper understanding of leadership's essence. Their return signals a readiness to champion positive changes within Delcastle and beyond.