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Student Advisors' Office

The Student Advisors’ Mission is to provide a secure, caring environment of educational excellence where all students are inspired to become responsible learners, independent thinkers and productive citizens within a dynamic global society. Therefore, as Principal Designees we will support and encourage our student body to follow the guidelines set forth by the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District in our Student/Parent Handbook.


Principles for a RESPECTFUL School Environment:

Resources are to be valued and shared. (Value and share them.)

Each day should start with a positive attitude. (Be positive.)

Set a good example for others to follow. (Be a role model.)

Personal space and property should be honored. (Honor them.)

Expect to be treated with respect. (Reciprocate.)

Courteous behavior is contagious. (Be courteous.)

Teamwork is essential for success. (Be part of the team.)

Foster the sharing of opinions and ideas. (Welcome new ideas.)

Understand and value diversity. (Be aware of differences.)

Listen with attention and consideration. (Be a good listener.)


The student advisors’ office will provide an environment where students have the opportunity to discuss and express their due process regarding discipline issues with the student advisors. Additionally, they can receive assistance with peer mediations and personal struggles with academic, career and family situations that may have manifested into a discipline referral.

 Mr. Martin
Mr. Craig Browning Mr. Evan Martin

School Monitors

School monitors are an integral part of the Delcastle staff. Our monitors assist with overall building supervision, as well as maintaining a safe environment for our students.

Mr. Avent Ms. Buchanan
Mr. Kenneth Avent Ms. Erica Buchanan Mr. Eric Green
 Mr. Reynolds
Mr. Eric Mouton Mr. Elbert Reynolds Mr. William Swann